Friday, April 25, 2014

The most exciting thing to happen to blended learning since the invention of the blender!

 Khan Academy Blended course
As a long-time blended learning teacher, advocate, and consultant my greatest struggle has always been how best to communicate and support the blended shift in a school or classroom.  Many teachers view blended learning as flipping instruction, or as student use of online resources or purchased instructional programs.  However, true blended learning goes beyond surface level technology integration, it creates a fundamental instructional shift in the classroom.  Even with teachers that "get it" there continues to be the challenge of administrator buy-in and technology support.  The Clayton Christensen Institute's site has been my go-to spot for explaining and introducing those in my organization to the various models and practices current in blended learning environments.  An exciting new resource created in partnership with the Clayton Christensen Institute and Silicon Schools Fund provides a free and open course that anyone can access and complete on Khan Academy.  This Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) provides structured and specific information guiding participants through definitions, models, case studies, practical applications, and in-depth uses of the various models to support stunt growth and achievement.  Click on the image above to see the elegantly designed course and learn more about blended learning.  Happy blending!

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